You should drink bad coffee

You should drink bad coffee

As a business that is all about GOOD coffee, it is a bold statement to make that you should be drinking bad coffee. But it's true, and I'm going to explain why you should drink it - AKA, the role of BAD coffee in your life.


The caveat here is that you should drink bad coffee sometimes. How often is up to you, but it is definitely more than never.


But why?


For the same reason, of course, that we have emotions, the same reason there is both joy and sorrow, and for the same reason that we have to rest as well as work.


We can't be wildly happy all the time (if you figure that one out, let me know), and even the best food money can buy becomes old hat after a time. We were made for rhythm, for ups and downs, for a combination of variety and routine.


I know this is going a little deep for the topic of "Bad Coffee" but I'm about to bring this ship to harbor.


The point is that even the best coffee can lose its grandeur if that is what we grow accustomed to. We take it for granted and it looses its magic. But then, in comes bad coffee to save the day, resetting our pallets, and creating a wonderful contrast by which we can then once again experience that amazing moment of perfectly roasted, precisely brewed coffee.


Drink bad coffee when it's available to make the good taste even better, and don't take the wonderful things in your life for granted.


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Stand still, take aim
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